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  • Instant freezing system
  • Fresh, natural flavors
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  • Endless creativity
  • Easy maintenance


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An instant freezing system that can turn any kind of drink into an ice bar

A system that is currently patent pending internationally, this ice bar maker can easily turn any kind of liquid into an ice bar. You can go beyond familiar flavors like strawberry, apple, pineapple and explore mango, banana, milk, red bean, or cola. For more adult tastes, you can even use beer, spirits, or whiskey. All you need to do is pour your drink of choice into the ice bar mold, and let it spin. In 5-10 minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy a cool treat.



Fresh new flavors and variety unlike any existing ice bars

From the first bite, you’ll be surprised at the intense aroma and flavor of the ice bars. Store-bought ice bars are mass produced in factories and filled with preservatives. However, with the ice bar maker you get to choose the fresh fruits and ingredients that go into your ice bar. Furthermore, hundres of different flavor powders come with the maker for the buyer’s convenience



A convenient and efficient business item that only needs small space.

The perfect item for individuals running a small business, the ice bar maker uses new technology that only requires an electric outlet for quick and easy use. Its dimensions (50cm x 50cm x 1m) are no bigger than a small refrigerator, making the machine accessible for use even in cramped spaces. After just 1 hour of rest, the machine is ready to go, able to make up to 180 ice bars every hour. For any remaining ice bars, there is a storage compartment enclosed in the maker. People will be able to watch the ice bar being made in front of their very eyes, adding excitement and transparency to their frozen snack.



Endless creativity

The ice bar maker can be used whenever and wherever people gather-cafe, restaurant, bakery, liquor store, club, ice cream shops, swap meets, parties, catering, school, day cares, church, and more. You could watch a barista make a custom ice bar from your favorite drink, or sample a healthy new recipe in your local bakery. For liquor store use, the included hundreds of flavor powders can be used for easy production and sale. Even adults visiting clubs and bars can be satisfied with beer or whiskey ice bars. You can now create and sell any flavor ice bar that you so desire, even flavors that used to exist only in your imagination.



Safe, simple and easy maintenance

The ice bar maker comes with a standard 2 year warranty, and has met UL and NSF standards. It uses about the same amount of electricity as a standard refrigerator, and when not in use, the refrigerant can be removed to place the machine in storage


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